Mind Ring

  • Smart Meditation Tracker | Dhyana is an award-winning smart meditation ring that can track your Heart Rate Variability and give your analysis of your mindfulness.
  • Measure your mindful minutes | After every meditation session, get to know the number of minutes you were genuinely mindful. Dhyana keeps track of it to help you achieve 21 mindful minutes each day: scientifically proven to improve your mental wellbeing.
  • Visualize your mind in real-time | Get cues on distracting thoughts and wavering mind as you meditate. With the supporting app, see yourself calm down as the wave on the screen becomes still.
  • Get a detailed analysis post every meditation | You will get a detailed report on your breathing, relaxation, and focus after every meditation session. Get a clear understanding of how well you could follow instructions on breathing and on when you got distracted from your session.
  • Meditate to other apps and get a report | You can meditate with your favourite apps, including Youtube, Headspace, and Calm, and get an analysis of the session and find out which meditation works for you.

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